Creating Ubuntu Gnome Install USB

By Joel | May 28, 2017 |

Creating an Ubuntu Gnome Boot USB installation within Ubuntu Unity 16.04 is easy. Get the Software – Download Ubuntu Gnome ISO/ Disk Image Install the software on a USB drive – Create a bootable USB stick Finally, install the software – restart your computer and boot from the USB stick I started using GNU/Linux on Trisquel,…

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Font Awesome Circle Icons

By Joel | Jan 19, 2017 |

Stacked Icons: Vs CSS Icons:

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Ubuntu Wi-Fi Networks Frozen

By Joel | Sep 18, 2016 |

Every so often, Ubuntu Wi-Fi connection gets hung-up (or frozen). It usually happens after switching locations and Wi-Fi networks. When I click the empy Wi-Fi icon in the upper right corner it either show the last Wi-Fi network or no network at all. Either way, it doesn’t connect. I found three solutions: Restart the computer. This refreshes the…

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Ubuntu Keyboard and Touchpad Settings for an Apple Computer

By Joel | Sep 15, 2016 |

This covers how to get your keyboard & mouse in Ubuntu (16.04 LTS) to work like it does on a Mac OS. These settings made my switch to Ubuntu on my Apple computer a lot easier. During My Switch to Ubuntu, The Stranger Things The default touchpad of Ubuntu reverses scrolling. Plus the keyboard shortcuts are…

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Local Search Results Checker by Bright Local

By Joel | May 9, 2016 |

BrightLocal released a new Local Search Results Checker tool for Google searches. It allows you to search based on a chosen location. For example, say that your business is located in Dublin, CA but you’d like to see where you rank in a nearby city like Pleasanton or San Ramon. You simple fill out a…

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