Colin Willis, Lest We Forget

Lest We Forget
The Colin Willis Easter Seals Fund

Near the end of every year we will be organizing something like this, to remember Colin's story, Lest We Forget. This year, 2015, was our first year!

We were very ambitious and did a t-shirt fundraiser. Unfortunately, we did not pre-sell enough shirts to meet our goal. However, Michael Utsumi from wrote an excellent article about the inspiration to our fundraiser. The article features interviews with Joel (Diablo Valley Design) and Jim Willis, Colin's father. He's an English teacher, and he wrote "Lest We Forget." You may read the interviews with Jim and Joel at

We also met an amazing shirt company, Farm Fresh Clothing Co. They're environmentally friendly and socially conscious. Plus they make premium shirts! Joel still dreams of doing some sort of a t-shirt charity fundraiser, or something in apparel. He just needs time to figure out what it is. In the meantime, if you want custom shirts or are shopping for cool styles, contact Farm Fresh Clothing Co. They're, they're excellent.

With that said, you may still share Colin's story this year. You may read Colin's story online,