The Doorway

A young man hesitates before change.

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The doorway to change

Jordan desperately needs a job. He landed an interview, but his girlfriend has disappeared. Then everything that could go wrong does. Finally, in a haunting dream, he realizes his boundaries and hesitates before the doorway way to change.

For so long he had forgotten it, had mechanically avoided it. But today his growing uneasiness had overwhelmed him, had broken through his pattern. He saw the door. And he was afraid.

"The Doorway" by Rober J. Willis

The Doorway is based on a parable as taught by Jim Willis, a Las Positas College instructor. The parable was written by Jim's brother, Robert J. Willis, and is available online (The Doorway, the parable).

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The Doorway (2008)
30 min, Black & White

Writer/director/actor/editor: Joel Simone
Writer/camera op./creative producer: M. Nero Nava
Production company: Diablo Valley Design
Inspired by Jim Willis' academic lecture
Based on a parable by Robert J. Willis
Hosted by Vimeo with in NYC.

The Doorway & me, Joel

The Doorway was inspired by my community college course with Jim Willis. It's made in the spirit of directors that I respect, Ingmar Bergman & John Cassavetes to name a few. The film is best viewed with the context of the parable. If you've enjoyed the film please feel free to post a review online or share it with your friends. All proceeds from film sales go to The Colin Willis Easter Seals fund.