Photo by Scott J Hein, Wild Life Photographer
Photo by Scott J Hein, Wild Life Photographer

The Myth, Mount Diablo

The Miwok creation myth tells a story about how life began on Mount Diablo. That's just cool, and it's what inspires the name of this business.  We're on a mission to bring new life to local business surrounding Mount Diablo.

Diablo Valley Design & Me, Joel

Diablo Valley Design is a small web design company driven by an actual person, a guy with a passion for technology and language. He’s on a mission to support other local businesses. He values an honest buck. He likes Free Software. He dabbles in film. Plus he digs quality coffee and craft beer. He’s me, Joel.

My Social Media Stuff

I don't buy into the whole social media thing. It's not the democratizing tool that some people are claiming. It's really just surveillance and advertising on a massive scale. But...that doesn't mean that we can't leverage it for us, small business and Free Software. So I organized my social media to promote us, local businesses...and to have a little fun. It's all a work in progress.

Facebook - for promoting clients, feedback & reviews! It's got powerful, precise targeting for ads - and it's one of our primary services. Ironically, our actual Facebook page is barren! But we'll start using it for events and announcements...eventually.

Google+ - Maybe we can use it for announcing events, since it links up so well with Gmail and Google Calendar. Otherwise, it's a great alternative for reviews.

Twitter - for sharing independent, ambient music that caught my attention while working. Birds make music, so why not tweet about some cool musicians. I'm pretty active with this one.

Yelp - I use Yelp for promoting clients. Our page is lacking, and we'll start promoting it more this year. It's ironic because my client's Yelp page's and ads are just killing it, e.g., All Smogs & Worley's. This one is a work in progress.

LinkedIn - It's going to be good for promoting clients. I just started with it. So it's a bit bare, also a work in progress.

Note, I started using Instagram for my beer feed - but I may change that. I'm also figuring out what to do with Pinterest and Youtube. Youtube would be great for marketing & design tutorials, but we'll see.